Securing your future



Most people install an alarm system hopefully before any unfortunate incidents. When this is the case the first reason is usually to help protect the valuables inside from being stolen. Naturally nobody likes the idea of having their possessions stolen, however the first and foremost reason to have an alarm system installed should be to help protect the people that are in the premises.

With people protection as the undisputable first reason for an alarm system we can now look at the additional benefits. Although most worldly possessions can be replaced there are times when personal items that have no real monetary value are stolen such as family heirlooms or other items that are near and dear to us. These things can never be replaced.

Sophisticated electronic systems are ideal for security conscious home and business owners.

Everyone will have different security needs and different logistical factors to deal with when designing an integrated electronic security system.

Some companies offer set packages of components, which are generally cheaper than custom designed systems. But not every situation is the same, and the cheaper choice isn’t necessarily the best choice. After all there is no “set package” for your peace of mind. We at Condor Communication & Control Systems will take the time to listen to your needs, and design a system to best suit your needs.

The Services we provide are:-
Electronic Security – Alarms, Nurse Call, Personal Duress
Access Control – Residential and Commercial
Custom Integrated Systems
CCTV – Analogue and Digital
Intercoms – Audio and Audio/Video
Static Guards
Mobile Patrols
24hr Back to Base monitoring