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As the name implies, it is a vehicle patrol by a uniformed Security Officers that visits numerous sites each patrol period. Sites range from apartment complexes to automobile dealerships to commercial premises. We also provide Mobile escort services to banks and businesses.

When does the Mobile Patrol operate?

Generally, the patrol operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The specifics are determined by you, the customer, with the assistance of our experienced management team.

How often would the Mobile Patrol be at my business?

We customize the checks to meet your needs. If the Mobile Patrol Officer assigned to your site gets involved in an incident at some other location, one of our other Mobile Patrol Officers will ensure your business is checked as required.

What would the Mobile Patrol do at my business?

We not only drive around your property, our mobile officer will also leave the vehicle and physically check your doors and windows. We also do alarm response, lock down and unlock your building for you. We remove trespassers and unauthorized persons from your properties.

How much will the Mobile Patrol service cost me?

The actual cost would be determined by level of coverage you desire. In general terms, the cost is at the fraction of the cost of having an officer on your site exclusively (based on 8 hours per night). We will also give you a discount for a long term contract.

How will you provide me proof of service?

Our mobile patrol officers are provided an electronic touch probe to clock in at your site. We send you, via fax or mail, bi-weekly or monthly reports verifying for you the times our officers were checking your property. This is a great tool for pinpointing problems and gives you the ability of knowing when our officers are protecting your property.

What would happen at your site?

Our operations manager will write a post orders manual to be implemented at your locations. This manual would include such things as:
Important telephone numbers.
Work schedules of essential personnel, work areas, and special monitoring.
The schedule for individuals in and out of the facility.
Any operational procedures that is necessary for the safety and security of your facility(s).
A digital camera will be available to officers for photographic proof in case of an incident. Our officers will do a mobile patrol log that would indicate time checked and condition(s) found.